Alan Carroll

Specialist in behavioural and performance psychology

Alan spent over thirteen years at PricewaterhouseCoopers working with Leaders, Senior Management and staff. Prior to this he was an Assistant Director of Education for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland, developing curriculum solutions and delivering education programmes.

Since 2008, Alan has been working as a consultant delivering improvements in performance for individuals and organisations across a whole spectrum of markets, from public sector healthcare organisations to international banks.

Past projects have included the refocus of a leadership team piecing together their business strategy after losing their biggest client and with it 50% of their top line income; helping the executive leadership team of a large division of an international bank to build skills in identifying potential in their workforce; developing and delivering an emerging leaders programme for a division of an international bank; evaluating the performance and capability of senior management teams on behalf of a Private Equity Investor; 360 feedback and performance management for a medium sized law firm; performing the role of assessor at a managing director assessment centre for an international bank; personal motivation, career and development coaching; designing and delivering bespoke Learning & Development solutions; and producing conferences for hundreds of delegates.
Alan works collaboratively, provides challenge and support, employs creativity but with the emphasis on solutions that work.


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