Strategise Club

Giving your staff the skills needed to get results


Join our fantastic Strategise Club for access to information-packed webinars, workshops for tailored strategising, the latest psychological research and a fantastic network of people who want to learn, share and create a life-changing community.


Webinar subjects include; Procrastination, Time Effectiveness, Productivity, Stress Management, Presenting Skills, Concentration, Staying Productive, Managing Others, Resilience, Brain Science, Well-being and more!

PREVIOUS WEBINAR – The Psychology of Time Effectiveness Webinar

  • Understand what psychologically motivates you and how this relates to your own approach time management (including your time delusions).
  • Gain insight into own time management strengths & weaknesses (including your own circadian rhythms) and how to plan your day accordingly.
  • Discover why you procrastinate and learn how not to.
  • Understand team member styles and preferences and how this affects your ability to manager time.
  • Run effective and time efficient meetings.
  • Clear that inbox!
  • Use different tools to help you plan, prioritise and deliver your work faster and more efficiently.

“Strategise Club is a fantastic way to boost confidence and improve my skill set in a relaxed and non-pressured environment after a career break. Cheryl’s knowledge and passion for her subject is really inspiring and the webinar was packed with practical tips and advice. Discussions in the workshop allowed us to talk through scenarios we’ve experienced and reflect on behaviour with a diverse group of people. I’m looking forward to the next one!” Eleanor Masilamany

Jon K
“One of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable and personally invested individuals I know – I was delighted to hear Cheryl had used her entrepreneurial spirit and positive attitude to start the Strategic Club. Her emphasis on adopting long-term techniques and building on your strengths means that I am still applying her workshop recommendations in my everyday life. I really appreciate the structure of Strategise Club – with diverse topics lined up, supported by psychology and career coaching models, alongside informal discussions in a safe-space.” Freya Evans. London Business School


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