Alison Duncanson

Specialist in behavioural and performance psychology

Alison is a Chartered Psychologist with a career which spans 20 years working with individuals and organisations in the UK and internationally. Alison specialises in organisational change, leadership assessment and development, executive coaching, selection, training, stress management and career direction.

As a Principal Consultant with PA Consulting Group, she worked on major strategic business change projects, applying psychology in the context and language of real business and organisational needs.

She has operated in over 10 countries across Europe and Asia Pacific and lived in Singapore for several years where she brought her expertise in assessment and development to conference platforms and television. Alison has worked with a wide variety of organisations including BP, Prudential, Barclays, HSBC, London Business School, Sainsbury’s, Ericsson, DWP, NHS, Standard Chartered, Bank of Ireland, Metropolitan Police, Nokia and Egg.


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