Naomi de Barra

Specialist in behavioural and performance psychology

Naomi de Barra is a Business Psychologist with over fifteen years of experience across industries including FMCG, pharmaceuticals, education, healthcare and recruitment. Across these industries Naomi has specialised in management, sales and product training, performance coaching, leadership development, succession planning and career coaching.
Naomi works for OPM Consulting Ltd, which specialises in behavioural and performance psychology.

Naomi trains on: Assertiveness, Management Skills, Leadership Development, Sales skills, Negotiation skills, Performance Appraisals, Managing Performance, Communication, Influencing, Coaching skills, Time management and Business planning.

She is a qualified ILM Coach.

Naomi works with people with neuro-diversity and conducts ability assessments to help people understand their cognitive strengths and weaknesses and how these can be utilised and improved in the workplace. She completes work based needs assessments to help the clients and their employers understand how they can best be supported and reach their potential.

Naomi is passionate about coaching people towards uncovering, realising and being their absolute best!

Naomi’s clients include: KPMG, Scottish Government, Kingston University, BT, University of Arts London, NHS.


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