Confidence Shmonfidence Book Release

We all think everyone else has this magical thing called ‘confidence,’ and we are alone in our concern that we don’t. Let me tell you now: they don’t have it, and you are not alone. In reality, everyone feels the same in one way or another. We all have our internal battles and our insecurities. What this has made me realise over the years is we are all focusing on the wrong thing; a myth. Confidence, as a concept, is not the answer, because we will never fully achieve it.

Ultimately it is our impact that matters, not our confidence. Impact is meaningful. Impact can be seen, felt, even measured. It can last a lifetime. Confidence can be dashed by one unreasonable comment. This book focuses on the specific actions, behaviours, and mindsets that I have found to be the most helpful when creating impact and influence. It will leave you wondering how we all became so wrapped up in the misguided effort to achieve ‘confidence’ in the first place.

December 10, 2021